• Hot Chocolate Rooibos

    Hot Chocolate Rooibos


    Flavoured blend of Rooibos tea, chocolate and spices. Gold Medal winner.

  • Vanilla Rooibos

    Vanilla Rooibos


    Caffeine free Rooibos perfected with smooth vanilla and cream.

  • Original Red Rooibos


    Pure unblended South African caffeine free rooibos, mild and pleasant taste.

  • Mango Passion Rooibos

    Mango Passion Rooibos


    Caffeine free Rooibos, a tropical blend. Multi award winner.

  • Chai Massai

    Chai Massai


    Caffeine free classical chai made with Rooibos. Multi award winner.

  • Organic rooibos

    Organic Rooibos


    Organic super grade rooibos, the highest grade of organic rooibos. Caffeine free.

  • Kalahari Rooibos


    A delicious choc, orange flavoured rooibos. Sustainably sourced.

  • Raspberry Rooibos


    The perfect combination of rooibos and raspberries.

  • French Earl Grey Rooibos


    Caffeine free French Earl Grey, a delicious alternative.

  • Dessert Time


    Rooibos dessert tea or iced tea, delicious at any time of the day.