Flavoured Black Tea

  • Wild Cherry Black


    Premium black tea naturally infused the rich flavour of black cherry.

  • Oriental Bliss

    Oriental Bliss


    A blend of green and black tea with a fruity berry taste.

  • Australian Rainforest

    Australian Rainforest


    Australian Daintree black tea with quality selected Australian herbs to give a truly Australian bush tea taste. 100% Australian.

  • Blood Orange

    Blood Orange


    Black tea with blood orange peel to give a hint of sweet orange to your tea.

  • Organic Earl Grey

    Organic Earl Grey


    High grade organically grown Ceylon tea and China white buds with bergamot.

  • Orange Black

    Orange Black


    Citrus peel gives this tea blend its sweet and sparkly fresh orange taste.

  • Arctic Fire

    Arctic Fire


    Naturally flavoured black tea with a refreshing cool mint taste. Multi award winner.

  • Vanilla Black


    Vanilla pieces enhance this aromatic classic creamy blend. A new blend, sustainably sourced.

  • Strawberry Cream


    Black tea combined with the fresh taste of ripe strawberries and cream.

  • Smooth Delight


    Black tea with caramel, vanilla pieces and apricot.

  • Rose Grey

    Rose Grey


    A delicately subtle earl grey with vanilla bits and rose petals. Multi award winner.

  • Raspberry Black


    Vibrant raspberries enhance this black tea.

  • Orange Blossom


    An orange flavoured black tea enhanced with orange pieces.

  • Orange & Cinnamon


    Hand blended zesty orange and cinnamon black tea. Our own blend.

  • Milton Breakfast

    Milton Breakfast


    A black tea and green tea earl grey blend with vanilla pieces and a touch of bergamot.

  • Monk Pear

    Monk Pear


    Black tea with the sweet taste of pears.

  • Mango Indica

    Mango Indica


    Black tea with exotic mango pieces.

  • Maiden Grey Special

    Maiden Grey Special


    A lighter citrus earl grey with lemon peel and rose buds.

  • Lemon Black

    Lemon Black


    Black tea with lemon peel to give a subtle lemon flavour to your tea.

  • Lavender Magic

    Lavender Magic


    North Queensland Daintree tea blended with lavenders for a subtle lavender taste.

  • lamington



    Black tea enhanced with chocolate and coconut for a lamington taste.

  • Ginger Black

    Ginger Black


    Black tea with a spicy hint of ginger, now with more ginger.

  • French Earl Grey


    Highly aromatic floral French Earl Grey. Our biggest selling flavoured black tea.

  • English Choc Mint

    English Choc Mint


    Black tea with chocolate drops and spearmint for a delicious choc mint taste.

  • Earl Grey Blue Flower


    Classic Earl Grey with premium full bodied black tea flattered by colourful cornflower petals.

  • Decaf Earl Grey

    Decaf Earl Grey


    Earl Grey tea without the caffeine. Decaffeinated without chemicals via the CO2 method.

  • Creme Brulee

    Crème Brulee


    Black tea with smooth, decadent caramel and vanilla taste, our own blend.

  • Copenhagen Blend

    Copenhagen Blend


    Perfectly balanced blend of citrus, flowers and vanilla. Also known as Stockholm Blend.

  • Cinnamon Black

    Cinnamon Black


    Black tea enhanced with cinnamon pieces.

  • Christmas Tea

    Christmas Tea


    Black tea with the spices of Christmas.

  • Chocolate Dream

    Chocolate Dream


    Exotic and indulgent, black tea with an intense chocolate taste. Champion award winning tea.

  • China Rose

    China Rose


    Black tea with a smooth and mild floral and fragrant rose taste. Naturally flavoured.

  • Caramel Black


    Black tea perfectly blended with caramelized macadamia nuts to create a creamy caramel roasted taste.

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain


    Premium whole leaf black tea with vanilla and bergamot.

  • Blackcurrent Black

    Blackcurrant Black Tea


    Black tea with aromatic blackcurrants, now with more blackcurrants. 

  • Australian Bushfire Lemon Myrtle

    Australian Bushfire Lemon Myrtle


    100% Australian breakfast black tea blended with Australian Lemon Myrtle.

  • mexican mango

    Mexican Mango


    A blend of black tea, herbs, mango and chilli.

  • Chilli Black


    Black tea blended with red chilli.

  • Chilli Chocolate


    Chocolate tea with a hint of chilli. Our own blend.

  • Liquorice Twist

    Liquorice Twist


    Black tea with a liquorice twist. A liquorice lovers guilty pleasure.

  • Raspberry Lavender


    A delicious and surprising black tea blend with raspberries and lavender. Ethically sourced.

  • Almond Nougat

    Almond Nougat


    A delicious black tea blend of almonds, chocolate and coconut.

  • Dark chocolate ginger

    Dark Chocolate Ginger


    A sultry black tea with notes of spicy ginger and smooth dark chocolate. A real standout.

  • Cafe latte black

    Cafe Latte Black


    A tea to be enjoyed by both Tea and Coffee Lovers! A Cafe in a cup.

  • Cherry Ripe Black


    A blend of black tea, cherries, chocolate and coconut. Our own blend.

  • Peach Delicacy


    A blend of black tea, fruit and white tea with a taste of sun ripened peaches.

  • Fruit Paradise


    A delicious fruity flavoured tea.

  • Earl Grey


    A quality Earl Grey from Europe.

  • Caramel Black 2


    Caramel black tea with caramel pieces.

  • Cherry & Coconut Slice


    A black tea blend that is like drinking a cherry & coconut slice. Delicious.


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