Chai Tea and Latte

  • chocolate chai latte

    Chocolate Chai Latte


    A hot chocolate with delicious spices added.

  • Turmeric Chai Latte


    Chai Latte with the added benefits of turmeric. Dairy free.

  • Japanese Matcha Latte


    Japanese Matcha green tea made into your favourite latte. Gluten free.

  • Australian bushfire chai

    Australian Bushfire Chai


    A blend of premium Australian grown black tea and exotic natural spices from around the world.

  • Shakra Chai


    Black tea chai with mango, turmeric (curcuma) and mixed spices.

  • spiced chai latte powder

    Spiced Chai Latte Powder


    Chai latte powder made to an authentic Indian recipe.

  • Punjabi Chai

    Punjabi Chai


    Sweet, spicy, fruity aromatic chai. Gold medal winner.

  • Green Spiced Chai


    A spicy chai with green tea.

  • Cinnamon Star

    Cinnamon Star


    Green tea, spicy cinnamon and cloves refined with the finest vanilla. Gold medal winner.

  • Chocolate chai

    Chocolate Chai


    Black tea chai with chocolate and spices. Very popular.

  • Chai Massai

    Chai Massai


    Caffeine free classical chai made with Rooibos. Multi award winner.

  • Bengali Chai


    A traditional chai, peppery and spicy with a strong taste. Multi award winner.

  • masala chai

    Masala Chai


    A traditional Masala chai made with premium quality tea.

  • Honey Spiced Chai

    Honey Spiced Chai


    Spiced chai blend with Australian honey.

  • Decaffeinated Chai

    Decaffeinated Chai


    Traditional Chai with decaffeinated black tea.


  • seven spice chai

    Seven Spice Chai


    Instant, dairy free, gluten free, no nasties, no numbers, vegan friendly chai.

  • Green Masala Chai


    Traditional Masala Chai made with green tea.


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