Swiss Water Decaf


Smooth medium roast that tastes like a real coffee. Chemical free. Multi award winner.

Swiss Water Decaf is the original and best blend of decaffeinated Columbian, Ethiopian and Mexican coffee. The Natural Swiss Water® Process is used in the decaffeination process i.e. there are no chemicals used. Swiss Water Processed coffee will naturally appear darker.

Clean sweet, textured cup with buttery notes. Mellow citric acidity carries through to a creamy caramel, malt and chocolate finish.

Amazing coffee, the difference to an original is the caffeine only.

Amazing coffee without caffeine (99.9% caffeine free), a premium espresso blend. You will not taste the difference.

Multi award winner.

Drum roasted in Australia. Supplied to local cafe’s.

Regions: Columbia, Ethiopia and Mexico.

Tasting Notes: Nutty, caramel, brown sugar, lemon citrus, milk chocolate.


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