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Butterfly Pea Flower


Watch the blue brew turn purple with the addition of lemon or lime. Chemical and pesticide free.

Butterfly Pea Flowers originate from Thailand. When brewed they produce a bright blue drink, but when a squeeze of lemon or lime is added, the drink changes to a royal purple and even pink in some instances. This change in colour is due to a change in acidity. They are high in anti-oxidants. Butterfly Pea Flowers are very mild in flavour and aroma.

Brew 3 – 4 flowers in 1 cup of water (hot or cold) to make a blue tea or a base for drink mixers. Delicious served as an iced tea. Can also be used as a food colouring or for making cocktails. Make blue ice cubes that can then be used in cocktails for a slow purple colour change in the drink.

No pesticides or chemicals are used in growing the Butterfly Pea Flower.

Contains – Butterfly Pea Flowers from Thailand

  1. Steeping Temp 100˚C
  2. Steeping Time 5 - 8 mins
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