• French Earl Grey


    Highly aromatic floral French Earl Grey. Our biggest selling flavoured black tea.

  • Prince of Wales

    Premium Prince of Wales


    A premium Prince of Wales with a blend of the finest quality Keemun teas. A Silver Medal winner.

  • Irish Breakfast

    Irish Breakfast


    An exceptionally full strength harmonious strong tea blend with good body colour.

  • English Breakfast

    English Breakfast


    Typical breakfast blend, strong, full bodied & balanced. Multi award winner including Gold and Reserve Champion.

  • Decaffeinated Black

    Decaffeinated Black


    Naturally decaffeinated mild Sri Lankan black tea. Sustainably sourced, chemical free.

  • Blue Mountain

    Blue Mountain


    Premium whole leaf black tea with vanilla and bergamot.

  • Decaf Earl Grey

    Decaf Earl Grey


    Earl Grey tea without the caffeine. Decaffeinated without chemicals via the CO2 method.

  • lapsang souchong

    Lapsang Souchong


    Traditional smoke infused China black tea with a spicy and delicate smoky flavour. Multi award winner.

  • Nighty Night


    Nighty night, sleep tight. Sleep long and deep, awake feeling well rested and refreshed. Organic.

  • Earl Grey Blue Flower


    Classic Earl Grey with premium full bodied black tea flattered by colourful cornflower petals.

  • Chai Massai

    Chai Massai


    Caffeine free classical chai made with Rooibos. Multi award winner.

  • China Jasmine

    China Jasmine


    A grade green tea delicately flavoured with jasmine blossoms. Multi award winner including Reserve Champion.


  • Vanilla Black


    Vanilla pieces enhance this aromatic classic creamy blend. A new blend, sustainably sourced.

  • Assam GFOP

    Assam GFOP


    Whole leaf, medium to strong full flavoured Golden Flower Orange Pekoe, excellent tippy quality. Bronze medal winner.

  • Australian Bushfire Breakfast

    Australian Bushfire Breakfast


    A full flavoured traditional, campfire style bush black tea blend.

  • Rose Grey

    Rose Grey


    A delicately subtle earl grey with vanilla bits and rose petals. Multi award winner.

  • Peppermint



    Excellent Egyptian quality. High essential oil content.

  • Premium english breakfast

    Premium English Breakfast


    A blend of the finest seasonal full leaf premium Orange Pekoe teas. Medium – strong. Silver medal winner.

  • Lemon Ginger Energiser

    Lemon Ginger Energiser


    A zingy and invigorating lemongrass and ginger herbal blend.

  • Assam BOP

    Assam BOP


    Strong, aromatic, malty, full strength Broken Orange Pekoe with bright golden tips.

  • Copenhagen Blend

    Copenhagen Blend


    Perfectly balanced blend of citrus, flowers and vanilla. Also known as Stockholm Blend.

  • Darjeeling Autumnal

    Darjeeling Autumnal


    Darjeeling is considered the queen among teas. A highly aromatic tea. Multi award winner including Gold.

  • Creme Brulee

    Crème Brulee


    Black tea with smooth, decadent caramel and vanilla taste, our own blend.

  • Australian Breakfast

    Australian Breakfast


    Refreshing breakfast tea, full bodied and strong.

  • Punjabi Chai

    Punjabi Chai


    Sweet, spicy, fruity aromatic chai. Gold medal winner.

  • Swiss Water Decaf


    Smooth medium roast that tastes like a real coffee. Chemical free. Multi award winner.

  • 7th Heaven Espresso

    7th Heaven Espresso


    A superior medium roast, full textured, elegant coffee. Multi award winner.

  • Maiden Grey Special

    Maiden Grey Special


    A lighter citrus earl grey with lemon peel and rose buds.

  • Yorkshire Breakfast

    Yorkshire Breakfast


    A superfine black leaf tea giving good colour, strength and flavour.

  • Blood Orange

    Blood Orange


    Black tea with blood orange peel to give a hint of sweet orange to your tea.

  • Russian Caravan

    Russian Caravan


    Medium strength, premium, golden tip tea, mildly sweet and aromatic. Multi award winner.

  • Monk Pear

    Monk Pear


    Black tea with the sweet taste of pears.

  • Bengali Chai


    A traditional chai, peppery and spicy with a strong taste. Multi award winner.

  • Ceylon OP Highgrown

    Ceylon OP Highgrown


    Full leaf Orange Pekoe black tea from the Nayapane Estate of Sri Lanka.

  • Green Gunpowder


    Grade 1 “Temple of Heaven” Dark even rolled leaf with a pale dry infusion, not bitter.

  • Russian Caravan 2

    Russian Caravan 2


    A delightfully smoky character, slightly smokier than our Russian Caravan.

  • Australian Bushfire Caravan

    Australian Bushfire Caravan


    Similar to Russian Caravan, includes 50% Australian grown tea. Bronze Medal winner.

  • Something's Brewing Breakfast Blend

    Something’s Brewing Breakfast Blend


    A blend of premium full leaf tea with a hint of bergamot.

  • organic orange pekoe

    Organic Orange Pekoe


    High grown organic whole leaf Orange Pekoe Ceylon tea.

  • Decaffeinated Chai

    Decaffeinated Chai


    Traditional Chai with decaffeinated black tea.


  • Chamomile


    A specially selected Premium European variety. Sweet, mild and soothing.

  • Bella Tuscany


    Full bodied high medium roast. Multi award winner. Our best seller.

  • Barcelona Blend

    Barcelona Blend


    Strong high roasted blend. Bronze Medal winner. Our best selling strong coffee.

  • Golden Yunnan

    Golden Yunnan


    A highly popular golden tip tea from the highlands of the Yunnan province in South China. Silver medal winner.

  • Blue Nile Espresso


    Sweet and smooth medium roast. Multi award winner including Gold. Low acid.

  • English Afternoon

    English Afternoon


    An aromatic highland tea, medium strength, smooth, elegant and floral tea. Silver medal winner.

  • Arctic Fire

    Arctic Fire


    Naturally flavoured black tea with a refreshing cool mint taste. Multi award winner.

  • Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate


    Exquisite drinking chocolate. Fairly traded, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, 100% natural, and absolutely delicious!

  • Peach Melba


    A creamy peach fruit infusion, great for iced tea. Gold Medal winner.

  • Honey Spiced Chai

    Honey Spiced Chai


    Spiced chai blend with Australian honey.

  • Chocolate Dream

    Chocolate Dream


    Exotic and indulgent, black tea with an intense chocolate taste. Champion award winning tea.

  • Vanilla Rooibos

    Vanilla Rooibos


    Caffeine free Rooibos perfected with smooth vanilla and cream.

  • Milton Breakfast

    Something’s Brewing Afternoon Tea


    An unusual and delicious black tea and green tea earl grey blend with tea blossoms, bergamot and natural vanilla pieces.

  • Hot Chocolate Rooibos

    Hot Chocolate Rooibos


    Flavoured blend of Rooibos tea, chocolate and spices. Gold Medal winner.

  • fruit-medley

    Fruit Medley


    A blend of exotic fruits and berries with a sweet fresh fruity taste.

  • Raspberry Black


    Vibrant raspberries enhance this black tea.

  • Wild Cherry Black


    Premium black tea naturally infused the rich flavour of black cherry.

  • Scottish Breakfast

    Scottish Breakfast


    A medium strength blend of Sri Lankan high grown Pekoe teas.

  • lamington

    Choc Coconut Lamington


    Black tea enhanced with chocolate and coconut for a lamington-like taste.

  • Australian Bushfire Lemon Myrtle

    Australian Bushfire Lemon Myrtle


    100% Australian breakfast black tea blended with Australian Lemon Myrtle.

  • Enchanting Goddess


    Hand crafted artisan tea ball revealing gold, pink and jasmine flowers.

  • Chocolate chai

    Chocolate Chai


    Black tea chai with chocolate and spices. Very popular.

  • Mah Jongg

    Mah Jongg China Breakfast


    First grade Chinese black tea blend. Multi award winner.

  • Organic Bungalow Blend


    Full bodied high medium roast, ethically and sustainably sourced and organically grown. Multi award winner.

  • Organic Earl Grey

    Organic Earl Grey


    High grade organically grown Ceylon tea and China white buds with bergamot.

  • Resilience


    Help boost your immune system with this delicious herbal tea.

  • Pu-Erh Loose Leaf


    Mild and earthy very old Chinese tea with many health benefits.

  • Assam Malty


    A superior and stylish Assam tea, “Special Fine Tippy Golden Flower Orange Pekoe Grade 1”.

  • Australian Green Sencha

    Australian Green Sencha


    A premium quality green tea grown in the Australian highlands. Enjoyed by the owners of this business.

  • Calmness Blend


    Organically grown blend to help you relax and unwind. Multi award winner, including Gold.

  • Strawberry Cream


    Black tea combined with the fresh taste of ripe strawberries and cream.

  • Stainless Steel Infuser Medium

    Stainless Steel Infuser Medium


    Quality fine mesh stainless steel tea infuser. The perfect infuser.

  • Smooth Delight


    Black tea with caramel, vanilla pieces and apricot.

  • Granny’s Garden


    Garden ripe fruit, berry and vegetable combination. Multi award winner incl Gold

  • Darjeeling 2nd Flush

    Darjeeling 2nd Flush


    A highly aromatic Fine Tippy Golden Flower Orange Peko Grade 1 Darjeeling. This second flush of leaves produces a very high grade of tea.

  • Bella Italia Original


    Full bodied medium roast. Multi award winner.

  • Cinnamon Star

    Cinnamon Star


    Green tea, spicy cinnamon and cloves refined with the finest vanilla. Gold medal winner.

  • Settle Petal


    A blend of traditional digestive herbs to help ease an assortment of digestive dilemmas.

  • Christmas Tea

    Christmas Tea


    Black tea with the spices of Christmas.

  • Turkish Apple


    All natural mild apple infusion great either hot or cold.

  • Decaf Green

    Decaf Green


    This aromatic tea is produced by the “steaming” method and then decaffeinated by CO2. Chemical free.

  • Australian bushfire chai

    Australian Bushfire Chocolate Chai


    A blend of premium Australian grown black tea and exotic natural spices from around the world.

  • Caramelised Macadamia Black


    Black tea perfectly blended with caramelized macadamia nuts to create a creamy caramel roasted taste.

  • Dan Gui Bai He Red Lily


    A tea ball that unravels into a red lily and jasmine flowers. Pack of 2.

  • Japanese Lime

    Japanese Lime


    A lemon and lime tasting blend of green tea for those that love a citrus taste in their green tea.

  • Lemon Black

    Lemon Black


    Black tea with lemon peel to give a subtle lemon flavour to your tea.

  • English Choc Mint

    English Choc Mint


    Black tea with chocolate drops and spearmint for a delicious choc mint taste.

  • chocolate chai latte

    Chocolate Chai Latte


    A hot chocolate with delicious spices added.

  • Japan Genmaicha

    Japan Genmaicha


    Lightly roasted, nutty taste of Japanese Sencha and rice. Imported from Japan.

  • Lemonade



    Old fashioned taste of lemon and lime, traditional lemonade. Silver medal winner.

  • Peach Dream


    Green tea and white tea and a fruity touch of added peach pieces.

  • Green French Earl Grey


    French Earl Grey with green tea.

  • Blueberry twist

    Blueberry Twist


    A perfect blend for blueberry lovers.

  • Jasmine Love


    Tea ball with 2 strings of white flowers. Pack of 2.

  • Kenya Kaimosi

    Kenya Kaimosi


    A light premium African tea with many tips and a gentle touch of citrus tasting notes.

  • masala chai

    Masala Chai


    A traditional Masala chai made with premium quality tea.

  • Assam Halmari


    A Tippy Golden Flower Broken Orange Pekoe with plenty of golden tips.

  • Organic Rosehip


    A mild refreshing flavour, high in vitamin C and anti oxidants.

  • Original Red Rooibos


    Pure unblended South African caffeine free rooibos, mild and pleasant taste.

  • Blackcurrent Black

    Blackcurrant Black Tea


    Black tea with aromatic blackcurrants, now with more blackcurrants. 

  • Ginger Black

    Ginger Black


    Black tea with a spicy hint of ginger, now with more ginger.

  • China Rose

    China Rose


    Black tea with a smooth and mild floral and fragrant rose taste. Naturally flavoured.

  • Japanese Sencha


    Premium long flat leaf with a sparkling character. Light infusion and highly aromatic.

  • Jasmine Buddha Tears


    Premium jasmine-scented hand-rolled white tea. Also known as, “Dragon Pearls”

  • Nightime Blend

    Nightime Blend


    A relaxing blend of caffeine free Rooibos and herbs for wellbeing. Rich in antioxidants. Multi award winner.

  • Orange Black

    Orange Black


    Citrus peel gives this tea blend its sweet and sparkly fresh orange taste.

  • Arthritis Blend

    Arthritis Blend


    A herbal blend designed to help people who suffer from arthritis.

  • Australian Rainforest

    Australian Rainforest


    Australian Daintree black tea with quality selected Australian herbs to give a truly Australian bush tea taste. 100% Australian.

  • Lemon Myrtle


    A healthy beverage grown in North Queensland with a delightful lemon, aromatic and refreshing citrus and menthol flavour.

  • Spiced Chai Latte Powder


    Chai latte powder made to an authentic Indian recipe.

  • Wild Berry


    Exotic fruit infusion with the fruity taste of wild berries.

  • Clarity


    A herbal blend including yerba maté to sharpen the mind. Contains caffeine.

  • Organic English Breakfast

    Organic English Breakfast


    Typical breakfast blend of organic teas, full bodied and good strength.

  • Fresh Breeze


    A natural soothing blend of herbs and fruit with a lemon and mint taste. Bronze Medal winner.

  • Misty Mountain

    Misty Mountain


    A majestic blend of green tea and fruits with a delicate taste. Produces a light coloured but flavoursome brew.

  • Organic Dragonwell Lung Ching


    Long leaf green tea with an extraordinarily soft & fine taste.

  • Hibiscus Blossom


    A1 quality, bright in colour, mildly tangy and refreshing. Rich in vitamin C.

  • Moroccan Mint


    Refreshing rolled green tea and mint. Previously called Cool Mint.

  • Vanilla Green


    A premium green tea with vanilla pieces especially for the vanilla lover.

  • Cinnamon Spice Drinking Chocolate


    Drinking chocolate with zest and spice. Fairly traded, dairy free, gluten free, 100% natural.

  • Detox Cleanse

    Detox Cleanse


    A refreshing blend of herbs to assist in detoxing and cleansing the body.

  • Mango Indica

    Mango Indica


    Black tea with exotic mango pieces.

  • Lychee Magic


    Green tea with the magical taste of lychees.

  • emerald-sunset

    Emerald Sunset


    Green tea with the sweet taste of tropical fruit and berries.

  • Tea infuser tong

    Tea Infuser Tongs


    Stainless steel infuser tongs.

  • Almond Nougat

    Almond Nougat


    A delicious black tea blend of almonds, chocolate and coconut.

  • Organic rooibos

    Organic Rooibos


    Organic super grade rooibos, the highest grade of organic rooibos. Caffeine free.

  • China Oolong Fujian A


    A dark green premium Wu-long with floral aroma, mellow brisk taste. Multi award winner including Gold.

  • Fitness Blend


    A stimulating and vitalising blend to help invigorate the senses. Multi award winner.

  • Orange Tigerlily


    Hand crafted artisan tea ball with a medley of sunset colours.

  • Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate


    Drinking chocolate flavoured with organic vanilla beans. Fairly traded, gluten free, vegan, dairy free, 100% natural.

  • Pina Colada


    Exotic fruit infusion with pineapple and coconut.

  • Yin Zhen Silver Needles


    An extra special rare white tea that develops a sweet, sunny and fragrant brew.

  • Japan Hojicha


    Roasted late season sencha with amazing flavour. Low in caffeine. Imported from Japan.

  • China Keeman


    Keeman black tea, one of the finest teas from China.

  • Happy Hours


    Green tea enhanced with apricot, vanilla and orange. A green tea version of Copenhagen Blend.

  • Lime and Coconut


    Smooth coconut blend with the zest of limes. Gold medal winner.

  • Tea infuser ball 50mm

    Tea Infuser Ball


    Stainless steel infuser ball with chain. Available in 2 sizes.

  • Cinnamon Black

    Cinnamon Black


    Black tea enhanced with cinnamon pieces.

  • Organic China Green Sencha


    A pure fresh natural taste with a light aroma and a refreshing aftertaste.

  • Sweet Curcuma


    Green tea, pineapple and the added benefits of turmeric. Gold medal winner.

  • Mango Passion Rooibos

    Mango Passion Rooibos


    Caffeine free Rooibos, a tropical blend. Multi award winner.

  • Sicilian Orange Drinking Chocolate


    Delightful classic chocolate – orange pairing. Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, Fairly traded, Delicious.

  • Bin 555


    Strong high medium roast. Multi award winner.

  • ti-kuan-yin

    China Ti Kuan Yin


    An aromatic gentle green brown infusion known as Iron Goddess.

  • Pu-Erh Balls


    Individual pu-erh tea balls.

  • Bamboo Tea Spoon

    Bamboo Tea Spoon


    Bamboo Tea Scoop

  • Japanese Matcha Powder

    Japanese Matcha Powder


    A high grade of Matcha, rich in vitamin C, mild and slightly spicy flavour.

  • Coconut Truffle


    Coconut and chocolate combined to taste like an exotic chocolate bar. A great iced tea. Multi award winner including Reserve Champion.

  • seven spice chai

    Seven Spice Chai Latte Powder


    Instant, dairy free, gluten free, no nasties, no numbers, vegan friendly chai.

  • Shakra Chai


    Black tea chai with mango, turmeric (curcuma) and mixed spices.

  • Oriental Bliss

    Oriental Bliss


    A blend of green and black tea with a fruity berry taste.

  • Clayton’s House Blend


    Full bodied, medium roast, rich, sweet, full flavor. Multi award winner.

  • Australian Summer Green


    Premium Australian grown green tea with the addition of fruit to give a refreshing fruity green tea experience.

  • French Mint Drinking Chocolate


    Classic drinking chocolate – mint pairing. Fairly traded, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, 100% natural.

  • Lavender Magic

    Lavender Magic


    North Queensland Daintree tea blended with lavenders for a subtle lavender taste.

  • Red Chrysanthemum Cascade


    Hand crafted artisan tea ball with a chrysanthemum. Pack of 2.

  • China Oolong


    A semi fermented tea with golden liquor and a delicate fruit character.

  • Lemongrass


    Organic lemongrass, a soothing herbal drink with a mild and delicate lemon taste.

  • Menopause mix

    Menopause Mix


    A blend designed to help with menopause symptoms.

  • Dandelion Root


    A popular medicinal herb known to be mildly sedative and laxative. A coffee substitute.

  • Spearmint


    Aromatic herb popular for the etheric oils in its leaves.

  • Turmeric Chai Latte


    Chai Latte with the added benefits of turmeric. Dairy free.

  • Sweet Spice

    Sweet Spice


    A delicious herbal blend starting with a sweet taste followed by a touch of spice.

  • Orange Blossom


    An orange flavoured black tea enhanced with orange pieces.

  • Dark chocolate ginger

    Dark Chocolate Ginger


    A sultry black tea with notes of spicy ginger and smooth dark chocolate. A real standout.

  • Liquorice Root


    A premium liquorice root, a bitter sweet herb.

  • Sunshine


    Green tea with a mango, rhubarb taste. Multi award winner including Gold.

  • Peach Delicacy


    A blend of black tea, fruit and white tea with a taste of sun ripened peaches.

  • Earl Grey


    A quality Earl Grey from Europe.

  • Green Goji-Acai

    Green Goji Acai


    Green tea blend with oriental Goji berries and Amazon Acai fruit. Multi award winner including Gold.

  • Stress Less Blend


    A herbal blend designed to help deal with every day stresses.

  • Organic Ginger Root


    Organic Cut Ginger Root.

  • China Green Sencha


    Special Grade 1 sencha, sweet flavour, honey coloured infusion. Bronze Medal winner.

  • Strawberry Field

    Strawberry Field


    Green tea blushingly tantalizing with a sweet strawberry taste. Silver medal winner.

  • mexican mango

    Mexican Mango


    A blend of black tea, herbs, mango and chilli.

  • Green Cleanse

    Green Cleanse


    A green tea and herbal infusion that contributes to detoxing & cleansing of the body.

  • Noir Drinking Chocolate


    Exquisite dark drinking chocolate.

  • Wood Tea Spoon

    Wood Tea Spoon


    8cm wooden tea spoon.

  • Raspberry Lavender


    A delicious and surprising black tea blend with raspberries and lavender. Ethically sourced.

  • Green Spiced Chai


    A spicy chai with green tea.

  • Black Pu-Erh Beengcha


    Black Pu-Erh in a Tea Cake from the Spring 2012 harvest.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower


    Watch the blue brew turn purple with the addition of lemon or lime. Chemical and pesticide free.

  • Green Earl Grey


    Traditional earl grey made with green tea, subtle taste.

  • Pink Guava


    A green tea for Guava lovers or those who would love to try Guava.

  • Organic Chamomile


    Organically grown chamomile from Egypt.

  • Peruvian Drinking Chocolate


    Complex drinking chocolate for people who desire an intense cocoa experience. Organically Grown.

  • Darjeeling GFOP


    A good whole leaf Golden Flower Orange Pekoe tea.

  • Ginseng


    Premium quality Siberian cut ginseng

  • Real White Drinking Chocolate


    A real white drinking chocolate that is fine powdered white chocolate. Fairly traded, gluten free, 100% natural, GMO free.

  • Tea Infuser Stick


    A stainless steel infuser stick for making the perfect cup of tea.

  • Fruit Paradise


    A delicious fruity flavoured tea.

  • Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate


    Exquisite chilli infused drinking chocolate. Gluten free, dairy free, fairly traded, 100% natural.

  • Japanese Matcha Latte


    Japanese Matcha green tea made into your favourite latte. Gluten free.

  • Sweet Caramel Pieces


    Caramel black tea with sweet caramel pieces. Mmm, delicious!

  • Pink Salt Caramel Drinking Chocolate


    Exquisite drinking chocolate enhanced with natural salted caramel.

  • Chrysanthemum Flowers


    Popular Asian brew, mellow and slightly sweet. Currently out of stock.

  • Organic Raspberry Leaf


    Organic Raspberry leaf, rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Spring Garden


    A refreshing herbal combination that can be drunk hot or cold.

  • Study Mix


    A blend of herbs that may assist concentration and study.

  • C Boost


    A naturally flavoured fruit melange with added vitamin C.

  • Celebration


    Green tea to help celebrate special occasions.

  • Lorikeet Canister


    Australian Lorikeet Canister.

  • Kalahari Rooibos


    A delicious choc, orange flavoured rooibos. Sustainably sourced.

  • Sale!

    Woodpecker Tapestry Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug, gift boxed.

  • Organic Lemongrass & Ginger


    A sweet spicy-ness and delicate lemon taste.

  • Matte Silver Canister


    Matte silver square canister.

  • Sale!

    Reusable Tea Bag


    Reusable silicone tea bag.

  • Tea strainer teapot

    Tea Strainer – Teapot with Drip Bowl.


    Stainless steel tea strainer with drip bowl.

  • Yerba Maté


    Small leaf Yerba Maté from Brazil with good infusion and tart flavour. Contains caffeine.

  • China White Gong Mei


    Naturally steamed and sun dried.

  • French Earl Grey Rooibos


    Caffeine free French Earl Grey, a delicious alternative.

  • crema pro cocoa shaker

    Crema Pro Cocoa Shaker


    Quality Crema Pro cocoa shaker. Available in red or black.

  • Cherry and Coconut Slice


    A black tea blend that is like drinking a cherry & coconut slice. Delicious.

  • Dessert Time


    Rooibos dessert tea or iced tea, delicious at any time of the day.

  • Casa Barista Coffee Scoop


    Stainless steel coffee scoop.

  • dutch tea strainer

    Dutch Teapot Strainer


    Dutch Tea Strainer is the perfect accessory to use with your favourite teapot.

  • avanti espresso coffee maker

    Avanti Espresso Coffee Maker


    Stainless Steel Inox Espresso Maker, available in 3 sizes. Induction cooktop suitable.

  • Sale!

    Strawberry Thief Red Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Green Masala Chai


    Traditional Masala Chai made with green tea.

  • China Green Yunnan Deluxe


    Carefully rolled light leaf buds producing a light fine flavour. A limited supply.

  • Sale!

    Pacifica White Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Raspberry Rooibos


    The perfect combination of rooibos and raspberries.

  • Multi Use Filter


    Available in 2 sizes, ideal for teapots, cups and mugs.

  • Sale!

    Strawberry Thief Palace Mug


    Fine Bone China Palace Mug, gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Pimpernel Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Oriental Peony Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    VW Camper Van Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug, gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Seaweed Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Morris Daisy Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Pacifica Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift Boxed.

  • Sale!

    Monet Poppy Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift Boxed.

  • Sale!

    Sweet Pea Breakfast Cup & Saucer


    Fine bone china breakfast cup & saucer. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Monet Poppy Field Breakfast Cup & Saucer


    Fine Bone China Breakfast Cup & Saucer. Gift Boxed.

  • Sale!

    Anemone Breakfast Cup & Saucer


    Fine Bone China Breakfast Cup and Saucer. Gift Boxed.

  • Sale!

    Bimini Black Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Bimini White Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Rosa Centiflora Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Sale!

    Florence Palace Mug


    Fine bone china palace mug. Gift boxed.

  • Avanti Milk Frothing Thermometer


    Avanti milk frothing thermometer, available in 2 sizes.

  • Sale!

    Crema Pro Coffee Tamper


    58mm coffee tamper with black handle.

  • avanti steam jug

    Avanti Steam Jug


    Stainless steel milk frothing jug, available in 300ml or 600ml sizes.