About Us

About Us

Sue and Peter Sherlock moved to the beautiful South Coast of NSW in 2010. Sue comes from a nursing background and Peter in management. They moved to the coast after living in the Blue Mountains for many years, and were both looking forward to retirement. Peter and Sue stumbled across Something’s Brewing whilst Peter was looking to find fresh coffee beans as he simply loves his coffee. Before long Sue was also a regular customer trying and purchasing the teas.

Our Products

The loose leaf tea that we stock is only of a premium quality, and sourced from all over the world. We currently have over 160 types of loose leaf teas and are always increasing the range. We have a few of our own blend available. We use environmentally friendly packaging for our tea. The bags are craft paper and are lined with bio plastic made from corn starch. Our orders are wrapped in paper. When we ship in bags they can be recycled at Coles or Woolworths. Boxes are used where practical and economical. We attend annual tea and coffee expos, as we’re always looking for ways to increase our knowledge of the products. We also sell multi award-winning Bella Italia coffee to suit all tastes from smooth medium roast to strong dark roast. Included in the range are Swiss Water Decaf and Fair Trade Organic blends. Drinking chocolate is also available. We also stock an extensive range of tea and coffee accessories. Finally, we also supply a number of cafes and restaurants as well as a large number of loyal customers Australia wide.


Something’s Brewing started its journey as a unique little tea shop operating out of Ulladulla’s Oldest House. When the previous owner was leaving the region there was a fear the business would close. Many locals were concerned about their future supplies of such quality tea and coffee. Sue and Peter were two of those customers that would have suffered if the business closed, so they grabbed the opportunity to purchase the business. The business is now on-line only but to continue to support our local customers we offer free local delivery Monday to Friday or a Click & Collect service. Refer to our shipping policy for more details. They have received lots of wonderful feedback from many happy customers, and have heard that lots of people are talking about the business, recommending our products to their friends, families and colleagues. Please view the range in the online store, you won’t be disappointed at the quality of our teas.


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